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Brenda Carol

2014 Brenda Carol Renaissance Jazz Fair

The fair will be held at a venue to be announced. The event is by Pre-ordered Ticket only. All Ages Family Event. Please Email: for more information and to pre-order tickets.

The series is presented by noted jazz artist Brenda Carol and Long & McQuade’s JON LONG.


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Brenda Carol
Currently Brenda Carol is working on her third jazz album which includes some original songs, and a solo folk jazz CD in which she plays guitar in addition to singing. She looks forward to further collaborations with stimulating musicians, to exploring songs from a variety of sources, and to future performances. With her beautiful voice, creative explorations, and joyful desire to continue stretching the boundaries of jazz, Brenda Carol promises to be a major force in modern music for many years to come.

About the event

To be announced soon.


This is a small grass roots festival that features young up-and-coming artists. Our generous sponsor Jon Long of Long & McQuade, Brenda Carol Vocal Lessons and Gardner Piano & Guitar Lessons make this all possible. Thanks also to all the media for your continued support.



Please listen, attend, appreciate and purchase as much independent music as you can, always!

In The Past:

Past artists at the Brenda Carol Renaissance Jazz Fairs have included: Carin Redman, HALEY SMALL, Blues Element, Lisa Particelli, Shannon Butcher, Kyle McGregor, The Masies, Kate Schutt, Carlo Berardinucci, Sophia Perlman, Brownman, Max Sennitt, Tom Ionescu, Jen Sagar , Larra Skye, Christine Bougie, Tyanna Nikitta, Nicole Rampersaud, Sarah Jerrom, Ilana Waldston, Cindy Doire, Margot Roi, Layah Jane, Ori Dagan, Geordie Haley & Brandon Valdivia, Arnold Faber, Melissa Pisarzowski, Tina Nodwell, Alexis Cole, Vanessa Hanson (Ptarmigan) and more... I am indebted to these incredible artists for sharing their talent of music with everyone.

Up-and-coming young jazz artists featured include singers: JANICE HAWKE, SUZANNE MALLET, HALEY SMALL, JEN SAGAR, MELISSA LAUREN with guitarist NATHAN HILTZ, bassist GEORGE KOLLER, pianist STEPHEN GARDNER, saxman ROB CHRISTIAN, trumpeter BROWNMAN, guitarist MARK SEPIC, percussionist RICK SHADRACH LAZAR and BRENDA CAROL. The series is presented by noted jazz artist Brenda Carol and Long & McQuade’s JON LONG.

BC Renaissance Jazz Fair Master Class

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